Beauty From the Outside In

I was always a beauty product junkie. One of my favorite things to do was hit the cosmetic department at Nordstrom and make new beauty and cosmetic purchases. If it promised to be anti-aging, I bought it! Make my lips plumper while alleviating dryness? I was in! Reduce fine lines and wrinkles? I’ll take two! It did not matter if after I applied these “potions” I would get itchy or find red raw patches on my skin the next morning. And I never thought to question whether my personal hygiene and beauty products could be the cause of the weird sensations I had all over my body of something crawling over me. After all, the brands said this stuff was good for me, some even used words like “natural” and botanical” Even when a neurologist told me my symptoms were probably due to something in my environment, I did not put the blame on my beauty products.

Then came a breast cancer diagnosis! Now, I am one of those people that definitely likes to be in the know. Sometimes that is a bad thing, since the internet can be a scary place. But where my cancer diagnosis was concerned, I wanted to learn as much as I could and really advocate for myself. In my quest to prepare myself for treatment, and get through it in the best way possible, I learned about the correlation between beauty products and cancer. While companies are marketing their products as “health and beauty” or “wellness” many of them are using ingredients that are harmful to our health. It seemed kind of ironic that I put so much thought into eating clean, but I did not give that same consideration to the products I put on my skin, when many of the ingredients in those products are absorbed into the body. We talk about beauty from the inside out, but how about the outside in?

It was not long before I sought out truly “clean” beauty products…not organic, but CLEAN! I literally threw out dozens of products, and when my drawers and shelves were empty, I started over with products that chose safety and use ingredients found in nature and backed by science. I began the new clean beauty regimen prior to having my mastectomy and I have never looked back. And you know what? My skin has never looked better!

Selecting products that are gentle and safe is key. And buying clean products does not mean you need to spend a lot of money. Below are some links you may find helpful in your quest for staying healthy and beautiful!



A few of my faves!

A few of my faves!

Roberta Lombardi