Deborah Pan, MD is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving all of greater New Haven and Fairfield counties and has patients from as far away as New York, Boston, and Springfield. She completed her higher education at the finest institutions, graduating as valedictorian of her high school and then attending Harvard University and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Subsequently, she completed general surgery and plastic surgery training at Yale University.

Since then, she has dedicated herself to serving the Connecticut population. She founded Esana Plastic Surgery Center & MedSpa in 2006, three years after starting her practice in New Haven. Her practice and reputation quickly grew for her outstanding work in surgery of the breast, body, and face. She is the Chief of Plastic Surgery at MidState Hospital, and continues to teach residents at Yale-New Haven Hospital. In 2017, she expanded Esana with a second location in a beautiful historic building renovation in Guilford.


"The Infinite Beauty bras now come in two styles depending on the needs of the breast reconstruction patient. If there is need for coverage, warmth and shaping, the Felicia is the perfect fit. For those who do not require as much support, The Ann provides feminine support without structural bulk. These two options provide breast cancer survivors fashionable options for all their needs." – Deborah Pan, MD



How do I choose my breast surgeon and plastic surgeon? Should I interview surgeons? Does it matter?

All surgeons should be chosen based on training, experience, and team coordination. Ideally, the breast surgeon and plastic surgeon have worked together regularly and have an innate "trust" in the quality of each other's work. A plastic surgeon's reconstructive result is largely dependent on the tissue quality left behind after mastectomy from the breast surgeon. So it is imperative that the right combination of surgeons is chosen who can perform the surgeries required for maximum risk reduction and optimized aesthetic result. Some surgeons have specialities within reconstruction (implant based vs. flap based). The breast surgeon will most likely make the most appropriate recommendations on reconstructive surgeons based on what kind of mastectomy is required. Reconstruction options depend on many factors and thus, initial consultation is always necessary to figure out which options are feasible. 

What is the length of the surgery?

Surgery length varies depending on the number of breasts needing surgery, as well as the type of reconstruction. Typical durations are from 2-6 hrs.

What is recuperation like?

For tissue expander/implant based reconstructions, recovery entails minimizing activity of your arms but you are free to walk around and get yourself around the house. As with any surgery, the first 48 hrs are the most intense but gets better quickly afterwards. Flap reconstruction has a more complicated course depending on how and where the tissue is being transferred. Recovery from these surgeries is dependent on a lot of factors and should be discussed with your surgeon. 

What is the difference between saline and silicone implants?

Implants differ in the filler material. Saline is sterilized salt water which is physiologically compatible but may have a slight "watery" movement to them. Silicone is a soft gel filler that has a more natural texture. 

What is Diep Flap and is it right for me?

The DIEP flap is a method whereby skin and fat are removed from the lower abdomen and transferred to the chest for breast reconstruction. Your surgeons will determine whether this is an appropriate option based on the amount of abdominal tissue available for use and the amount of tissue needed for reconstruction. Not everyone is eligible for this type of surgery. 

What type of compression garment do I need to wear after surgery and for how long?

Supportive but not restrictive bra support is usually worn for implant based reconstruction for 4-8 weeks after surgery. Flap based surgery recovery may be different and will be customized by your plastic surgeon.

When I can I wear a regular bra?

Typically by about 10-12 weeks, but always check with your surgeon first. 

How long will my breast bones and ribs be sore?

This differs from person to person and from surgeon to surgeon. If it occurs, it may last 2-4 weeks with some minimal tenderness that can last up to 3 months. 

Why are my reconstructed breasts always cold?

Implant based reconstructions tend to feel colder since they do not have inherent blood supply warming the implants.